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online learning experience | taught by Carole McCulloch
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Carole McCulloch
Carole McCulloch
Course Coach

About the Instructor

Carole is a Toastmaster with 15 years of experience who supports many clubs leaders through ementoring. She offers advice on the training of online leaders in her blog.

Carole is a charter member of the Firebirds Collective, the Toastmasters Without Borders and Online Presenters clubs online.

Carole is a Help Desk volunteer for easy-Speak users and her webinars are promoted in the easy-Speak Toastmasters community in Facebook. Carole is the designer and facilitator for easy-Speak Made Easy at her Moodle learning environment.

Contact me via email, Facebook, Skype or join me in Zoom:

Email: Coach Carole


Skype: coach.carole


How to Start an Online Club

Do you have a need for an online Toastmasters Club in your area, district or region? Are the clubs and potential members regionally isolated, or include those with special needs, and others having difficulty in attending land based clubs?

If you are seeking advice on how to begin and online club, this course will get you started.

Why this course:

  • An overview of what you will need to consider
  • Lessons on the practical steps
  • Opportunities to learn from others
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Resources

To help get you started, here are a few favourite resources:

Print based Resources

How to Start an Online Club!
(link to PDF manual - tba)

Where to go for help!

Social Media

Online Alliance

Other Courses being considered:

T.O.A.S.T. Facebook Group

Toasted Training Blog

Help Desk?

Get a Mentor!

If you're looking for help in starting an online club, this is a valuable resource to begin with.

If you are seeking a mentor in the process contact one or more of the existing online clubs at:

Course Contents

2 Surveys
25 Texts
1 Audio
1 Presentation
12.0 hrs